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Optical glass strain detectors - Small manual and table model 90/05-LED

Item number: VO1-00170

Arnold - Optical glass strain detectors


For all transparent kinds of glass including transparent quartz and transparent plastics. The analyzer can be turned for black and white or coloured display. The units excel by very clear visibility.

Can also be placed on a table, very well suited during assembly work (tube lines or assembly of glass apparatuses etc.)


With the latest LED lighting technology:

high durability of LEDs and filters

low heat development

energy-saving by low power consumption


Light source: high power 4 Watts LED, 230 Volts, 50 cycles

Diameter of analyzer: 70 mm

Diameter of polarizer:  70 mm

Max. distance between analyzer and polarizer: appr. 200 mm


The distance between analyzer and polarizer can be adjusted via joint.



Download this manual as PDF-Document.