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Arnold Gruppe at the glasstec 2012

Arnold Group presents innovative laser centres for glass processing: Laser beam joins, forms and cuts glass tubes

Arnold Group presents innovative laser centres for glass processing: Laser beam joins, forms and cuts glass tubes


During the glasstec 2012 the Arnold Group, Weilburg/Germany presents its new line of compact production centres for joining, forming and cutting with laser beam of glass tubes. According to the show organizer, glasstec is considered as world largest international trade fair of the glass industries and its suppliers. The exhibition takes place from October 23rd till 26th in Düsseldorf. Prospective customers will find the new machines of the Arnold Group and their sophisticated product portfolio for the quartz glass-, labora-tory glass industry and solar thermal systems in hall 15, stand E16.


The renowned expert supplier of thermal glass processing machines in the laboratory- and special glass industry is now offering with these new pro-duction centres for glass processing with laser beam a true innovative al-ternative to traditional heating with gas burners. Processing with laser con-vince by reduced process times and extraordinary high reproducibility of the heating process. Thanks to the high production quality and its excellent ability for automation laser process do not only have advantageous influ-ence on the production but also reduces costs significantly.


Main focus of the exhibition of the Arnold Group is the presentation of the new precision glassworking lathe for laser joining and cutting of glass tubes: P1040 Laser. This machine is specifically suited for laser applica-tions in the laboratory and lamp glass industry. The machine can process glass tubes up to 40mm diameter and length of 750 millimeter at a spindle revolution up to 600 rpm. The laser system can be operated for more than 16.000 hours without gas exchange at rated effective output of 400 W (op-tional 800 W). With the process data calculated, an enormous increase in productivity of up to 75 percent can be achieved. This laser centre is pre-sented by the Arnold Group during the glasstec.


For workpiece dimension up to 160mm diameter and length of 1100 milli-meter at a spindle revolution of up to 500 rpm Arnold Group offers the new laser center NC56/28.17 Laser. Other dimensions or custom-specific re-quirements can be considered. Depending on specific process require-ments, laser capacity will range between 1.000 and 4.000 W. This machine is designed for larger, tubular-shaped glass parts as typically used in the solar industry or in the chemical apparatus construction.


Both centres can be operated either manually or fully automatically, for in-stance by an industrial robot system with an automatic loading or unloading system. Production tolerances caused by pre-production process of parts, are recognised and compensated by an intelligent sensor technology and process control system developed by the Arnold Group.


For further cost-effectiveness a multiple machine operation could be achieved with only one laser system. Here the laser beam is switched and guided automatically to the respective centre in process.


The concept of the new laser centres of the Arnold Group is based on the wide variety of standardized glass processing machines. Modifications are realized upon customer’s requests and application specific requirements for example for cutting, joining or forming of glass parts.


During the glasstec the Arnold team will be available for live demonstra-tions, expert discussions and customer meetings with respect to those laser centers and – of course - the whole product portfolio of processing ma-chines for thermal and mechanical glass- and glass fibre processing includ-ing burners and tools.


Meeting point: Arnold Group

glasstec 2012

Messe Düsseldorf

Tuesday, October 23rd, till Friday October 26th, 2012.

Booth: Hall 15, E16




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Laser beam joins, forms and cuts glass tubes



Arnold Gruppe, Weilburg/Germany


Company Profile

Herbert Arnold GmbH & Co. KG, founded 1950 in Weilburg/Germany, is one of the world-wide leading manufacturers of burners, tools and machines as well as ready-to-use systems for customers in the area of photovoltaic, glass and quartz glass processing, fibre-optic and the automotive production.

Traditional values and experiences are the base of thermal and mechanical glass production which, next to a wide range of burners and tools are nowadays also incorporated into the solar thermal glass tube production. The core competence in the area of photovoltaics is the mechanic cutting and grinding/polishing of poly-, mono and multi-crystalline silicon-ingots and blocks.

The Arnold Gruppe consists of the following companies: Herbert Arnold GmbH & Co. KG, Helmich Automationstechnik (1998); B&C (2005) und Heathway Ltd. (2004). The foundation stone was laid by Herbert Arnold. The realisation of innovative production technologies for glass and later for quartz glass processing, turned the one-man company within a short time into an enterprise with an international reputation. The Arnold Gruppe nowadays employs approx. 200 employees and exports to all the key markets of the world.


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