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Stretching machines

Special machines for the stretching of long ingots

We can provide horizontal lathes with an induction furnace and specially aligned applications for the stretching of large ingots up to a diameter of 150 mm. According to the individual execution, these machines are equipped with several working heads and working stations that facilitate also the joining process of ingots inline. 
Water cooled hydrogen/oxygen burners are used for this purpose.

The ingot is scanned with a laser measuring system before the actual stretching process and the detected data are transferred to the machine control. Consequently, different stretching programs can be generated. Individual drives for rotation and translation can be adjusted synchronously or can be controlled depended on the drawing process.    

For the post processing of core rods we use special machine types with low-backlash feed-drives in order to achieve the low-tolerance specifications.


The preform is measured with a high-resolution laser measurement system before the actual stretching process and these data with the corresponding area code are transferred to the control. During the stretching progress, the cone of the preform is permanently measured with the laser measurement system which offers a close loop-control.    

Please do not hesitate to contact us for an individual offer with your exact specifications.

For further information, offers or individual requests, please contact us at:  fiberoptik(at)arnold-gruppe.de