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Plasma machines

Designed specially for tapering, joining and etching

We can provide a machine type with an atmospheric plasma burner especially designed for the tapering, joining and etching of jacketing tubes and / or preforms.  

The energy of such a plasma system, with temperatures exceeding 10.000° Kelvin, represents a highly reactive tool which allows a production with great care but without a high energy expenditure.

Due to the industries efforts to gain a higher fibre quality, we have equipped our machines with this special plasma technology as well as the conventional heating device

By using this most efficient heating technology the following benefits can be achieved:   

•    Advantage 1: Economic production and less contamination of the work pieces
•    Advantage 2  Avoiding of contamination, Fe-ions or OH-groups
•    Advantage 3: Good reproducability                        
•    Advantage 4: Tolerances and form within the specification by CNC processing                
•    Advantage 5: Lower production costs  

Furthermore, the plasma burner cannot only thermally process the surface of work pieces but also etch it, this is called Plasma etching.

It is proven that this proceeding is more effective and time-saving for the after- treatment of preform surfaces and considerably smaller structures can be produced than with the conventional wet-chemical processes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for an individual offer with your exact specifications.

For further information, offers or individual requests, please contact us at: fiberoptik(at)arnold-gruppe.de