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ARPAT provides transparency and efficiency in the silicon brick production

The unique ARNOLD-Remote-Produktion-Analysis-Tool „ARPAT“ for transparent production processes and for a constant improvement of production quality and cost efficiency - achievable by the so-called „Closed Loop Process-Optimization”.



Data recording is starting again with the modified production and process recipes. Thus closing the loop of continuous process optimization. This systematic approach constitutes a significant improvement of overall cost efficiency.



ARPAT consists of two main Software modules:



1. ARPAT Recorder – Production- and Process-Data collector:

This above mentioned software collects continuously all relevant production- and process data of each processed work piece, like for instance:


general customer-specific work piece information (i.e. brick-ID)

geometric measuring data before the process starts

geometric  measuring data after the process is finished

media consumption values for power, water, compressed air - per processing cycle

recipe and process parameters

positions of axes, cycle time, auxiliary process times

machine status acc. to SEMI E10



2. ARPAT Professional – Data visualization and analysis:

Provided, that access is authorised to the ARPAT software (i.e. process engineers, production management etc.) all recorded data are visualized – graphically and in tabular form – on standard PC workstations. They can easily be exported to all common file formats (Word, Excel, pdf etc.) in order to enable other persons to get access to the data and to create customer-specific reports or analysis.



Modification of process recipes

Based on the results of the process analysis obtained with ARPAT Professional, the process engineer has all relevant information on hand to change the production parameters in order to examine cause and effect of recipe changes to production quality and cost efficiency in a systematic approach.


This later data recording closes the loop process and the optimization course starts again.

Thus ARPAT is an extremely powerful SW-tool compared with conventional process optimization tools and offers – simultaneously – an extended MES- functionality.