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Grinding machines

Chamfer grinding machines

Our chamfering grinding machines are serially equipped with 2 parallel arranged grinding spindles. The loading of the machines can occur manually as well as fully automatic via a robot. Brick sizes of 125 x 125 mm² –  210 x 210 mm² and a length of 180 mm – 500 mm can be processed.

Our machines distinguish themselves through the simplest operation in manual and automatic process. They are used to grind 45° chamfers with an exact chamfer-width and angle accuracy.

The machine is suitable for chamfering of squared mono- or multi crystalline silicon work pieces in the format of 125 x 125 mm and 156 x 156 mm with two parallelly arranged grinding aggregates (2x combined pre- and fine grinding). Work piece lengths of 180 up to 1000 mm can be processed.

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This machine is suitable for grinding from even (45°) or round chamfer of squared mono- and multi crystalline silicon workpieces with diameter format 90-210 mm, with two grinding aggregates (1 x cup wheel, 1 x fine profile wheel).

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