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Holder 25/8 a-l

Holder for ball joints-female and -male

Item number: 25/8 a-l

Holder for ball joints-female and -male made of Aluminium, with quick clamping device and hollow handle.



Holder 25/8 a

Item number: VW1-00408

Holder, KS 13


Holder 25/8 b

Item number: VW1-00409

Holder, KS 16


Holder 25/8 c

Item number: VW1-00410

Holder, KS 19


Holder 25/8 d

Item number: VW1-00411

Holder, KS 25


Holder 25/8 e

Item number: VW1-00412

Holder, KS 29


Holder 25/8 f

Item number: VW1-00413

Holder, KS 35


Holder 25/8 g

Item number: VW1-00414

Holder, KS 38


Holder 25/8 h

Item number: VW1-00415

Holder, KS 41


Holder 25/8 k

Item number: VW1-00417

Holder, KS 64


Holder 25/8 l

Item number: VW1-00418

Holder, KS 76




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