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Holder 25/4 a-d

Beaker, cylinder and funnel holder

Beaker, cylinder and funnel holder

also for short glass tubes

two of the three arms are adjustable and fixable

third one is springloaded to facilitate

glassware loading and removal.




Holder 25/4 a

Item number: VW1-00372

Holder, 30 - 50 mm dia.


Holder 25/4 b

Item number: VW1-00373

Holder, 45 - 65 mm dia.


Holder 25/4 c

Item number: VW1-00374

Holder, 60 - 85 mm dia.


Holder 25/4 d

Item number: VW1-00375

Holder, 80 - 100 mm dia.


Technical Details



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