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Glassblower's Working Table Ergoline 38/50

Item number: VW1-00865

Glassblower's working table Ergoline

with ceran working plate


consisting of:

• ergonomic shaped multiplex plate 30 mm, beech veneer, natural

• dimensions of table: 2500 x 1500 x 40 mm

• Ceran working plate:

1500 x 590 x 4 mm

• C-base frame with spindle height adjustment, mounted at the frame, for an individual and optimal adjustment of working height

• adjusting range: appr. 720 - 1180 mm

• back and side rail made of multiplex 20 mm, beech veneer, without toothing

• Electric fan with ventilation grid as an air curtain directly in front of main working area of the glassblower

• Including distributor line for gas and holder for the gas supply. The large knee free space is preserved (For details see description of cat.-no. 38/3.80)

• Power supply (socket) for connection of electric appliances directly at working table



The newly developed working tables excel by the following advantages:

• ergonomic perfect construction, allowing a very relaxed and fatigue-proof working

• height adjustment of table plate by means of threaded spindles, herewith a flexible and individual adjustment of the working height to various glass blowers is becoming possible

• Asymmetrical shaped table plate, by means of which also very long glass parts could be processed

• optimization of place for deposit, because of various toothed rails and vertically mounted bores

• harmonic integration of the glassblower, due to the table geometry

• spaciously dimensioned clearance for the knees

• well approachable, easy-running and compatible connections for energy supply (against surcharge if requested)

• it is possible to place container shutter cabinets (against surcharge if requested)