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Xenium Duo Back 38/4 a Xenium

Item number: VW1-01160

Xenium Duo Back - Swivel Chair


The individual weight control of the synchronous seat and backrest

mechanism, combined with many other adjustable features, provides

superb comfort combined in an executive chair, designed to ensure

the compliance of implemented ergonomic principles.


The combination of the back adjustments and tilting mechanics, lead

to a real relief of the intervertebral discs.


With a seat aperture angle of 84° to 116° relaxing positions can be hold. The inclination adjustment can be regulated from +5° up to -5°. The serial declining mechanic is adjustable to the weight of the user. The black, six terminal feet made of Bayer Durethan® BKV 130 with a diameter of 610 mm provide the highest protection against tilting.


The individual seat height adjustment is made by means of a protected

gas lift. Due to the nine-fold adjustable sliding seat with an adjustment

range of 87,5 mm, the correct seat height for all body sizes is guaranteed.

The patented separated Duo-Back back leaning unburdens the back about up to 20% of the body weight.


Covering made of Trevira CS (difficult to enflame) proved acc. to B1 DIN 4102, 100 % polyester (20-44).



Download this manual as PDF-Document.