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Glass forming machine 55/1

Glass coil winding machine

Item number: VC3-00005

semi-automatic, for winding of tube bank for cooler made of soft- and hard class as well as of quartz glass in different pitches and diameters. Max. winding length in standard execution 400 mm.

As standard, the machine works via weight tension, installed latterally at the machine that can be adjusted in height for the different coil lengths.

The same weight tension to the glass tube to be formed is given via a rope. Different weights at the end of the rope can be chosen.

As an option, a motorized drive can be usesed, especially designed for use of quartz glass, Arnold article number 55/1.010.

The burner equipment is quoted separately, there are two options.
1. for soft and hard glass (55/04 ESL or PSL)
2. for quartz glass (55/26 WS WK)

Construction of the machine:
base frame made of steel welded construction
table plate
stand for acceptance of burner equipment and tube feeding
weight acceptance wire rope

Please note: This is not applicable by using the optional motorized drive


cabinet with 2 drawers

threaded spindles 55/3 - 8 are not included at this article.

Technical Details


height (bottom to table) approx. 970 mm
depthapprox. 450 mm
length approx. 1100 mm
height of stand (weight device)approx. 1800 mm
maximal winding length: approx. 400 mm

Download this manual as PDF-Document.