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Universal – Glass forming machine bench model 48/025

Item number: VV1-00027



The ball bearing working spindle is mounted in the electrically welded working head.  The working spindle is executed in such a way that a collet clamp for the use of collet chucks, as well as normal clamping chucks can be accepted.

The steplessly variable electro motor with power encoder is directly mounted at the spindle stock. The speed regulation can be adjusted via manually operated potentiometer as well as through a knuckle joint.


To support especially long glass tubes, the machine is equipped with an additional adjustable guide.


The working support runs on ball bushings and can be easily moved by a hand wheel and adjusted into each working position that is required. Via a mechanical clamping device the support is fixed. By pressing and rotating the hand wheel the upper part of support is moved upwards and herewith the forming tools which are necessary for the forming process are positioned accordingly. An appropriate burner holder is integrated in the working support, too.

The tailstock is mounted on a two-bar guide bed and can be fixed via a mechanical clamping device. The upper part has two guide shafts which can be moved lengthwise for the acceptance of two – possibly different forming esp. reaming tools.


Two guide shafts, arranged crosswise, enable the positioning of forming resp. reaming tools in two working positions. By means of moving the tailstock into the final position also longer work pieces can be easily exchanged.



Range of application:


The machine is especially suitable for the production of serial articles in relative small dimensions, for example smaller standard ground joints, glass threads, glass flanges, tube and capillary-tube calibrating in different shapes.


The high maximum speed of the machine allows a good capacity of the centrifugal effect during the forming process.

Technical Details


Spindle bore:25 mm
Bed length:560 mm
Connected load:370 Watt
Centre height:100 mm
Steplessly variable speed range:15 – 1500 1/min

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