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Glass forming machine 54/50

rotary type – semi-automatic

Item number: VV1-00037

As standard the feeding of glass parts to be processed is done manually, however, machine can be completed with an automatic loading- and unloading system.


The complete procedure is effected fully-automatic according to the appropriate program. The programs of each single stations worked step by step. Each program of one station can be executed with a max. length of 25 steps.

The stations work independently from each other. It is possible to store 10 different programs in the PLC.


All machine functions can be manually operated for adjustment works.

During the automatic mode the working procedure can be followed rsp. Controlled via the operating unit.


Each of the 6 spindle drives can be adjusted to a basic speed. During the course of the program, the speeds of each station are freely programmable.



Depending on the basic equipment and range of tools, this machine is especially capable for the production of:


Standard ground male joints of size NS 14.5 - NS 45

Standard ground male joints with outlet of size NS 14.5 - NS 45

Standard ground female joints of size NS 14.5 - NS 45


Technical Details



  • PLC controlled working process, easily programmable, stored programs are called in via touch control
  • high capacity, import accuracy by fine adjustment of forming tools, thus constant, tight tolerances and low grinding times
  • tool operation pneumatically, (motorized as an option) with oil-retarding process in working range
  • automatic compensation of length, thus constant glass quantities for forming process
  • operation of the machine by unskilled staff
Spindle bore62 mm
Bed length1180 mm
Centre height250 mm
Steplessly variable speed rangemax. 1000 1/min