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Glass forming machine 48/06

Single spindle – glass forming machine

Item number: VV1-00002

Machine for production of standard ground joints, ball joints, stop cock barrels, glass threads and flanges, forming of outer joints at flasks, according to machine type, suitable for the forming of tube ends made of borosilicate glass up to 120 mm diameter.


Technical Details




  • High forming accuracy due to precise adjustment of forming tools and thus constant, close tolerances and short grinding periods
  • Machines can be operated by semi-skilled staff
  • Also suitable for small series
Spindle bore62 mm
Bed length1350 mm
Centre height200 mm
Steplessly variable speed rangemax. 1000 1/min

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Vacuum chucking device consisting of: Dry-running vacuum pump with vacuum adjusting valve for delivery of air with normal humidity and dry gases up to an ultimate pressure (absolute) of 150 mbar, sufficient for clamping of glass flasks up to 20 liter capacity. Vacuum shaft complete with vacuum joint and plane acceptance for acceptance of all vacuum chucking plates Unit possesses an additional eccentric ring to support the vacuum shaft within the machine spindle Approx. 2 meters vacuum hose Electrical supply: Single-phase A.C. current 230 Volt, 50 Hz