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Diamond High-speed Drilling Machine 561/02

Item number: VI1-00005

Execution like no. 561 described before with:

water collecting tank with divided plexiglass windows which

_ can be removed individually


Three-chamber water cascade made from enamelled steel sheet

Individual regulation of pressure by built in pressure gauge

Technical Details


Technical data:Please see machine no. 561
Weight:180 kgs
Dimensions with base and water collecting tank:710x710x420 mm
Working gap:550x605 mm
Volumetric displacement of pump:Up to 20 litres/min
Final pressure:Max. 5 bar
Electric supply:Please see no 561
Connected power/ Motor/ Total power:/0,37/ 0,6 / 1 kW
Number of revolutions:Please see no 561
Standard accessory:Please see no 561