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Diamond High-speed Drilling Machine 561

Item number: VI1-00003

In special execution, for use of diamond-tipped hollow drills and conical diamond-tipped reamers


Construction of machine:

Solid drilling machine, table model, with height adjustable

_ drilling table which can be swung laterally and fully rotating

Drilling spindle runs on  precision ball bearings

Drive of drilling spindle by means of three-phase pole-changing motor

Drilling spindle made from special stainless steel, axially bored

_ through, with fixed coolant flushing hinge

Device of ejection of plugs

Stop of drilling depth can easily be adjusted


Standard accessory:

1 piece collet chuck for diamond-tipped hollow drills with

_ cylindrical shank

1 set of tools

Technical Details


Drilling capacity:1 – 30 mm into glass
Reaming capacity:NS 5 – NS 29
Stroke of drilling spindle:55 mm
Max. useful height (spindle up to adjusting drilling table):Up to 275 mm
Surface of drilling table:230 x 170 mm
Weight:5 kgs
Water cooling:By means of connection to water conduit system
Diameter of column:65 mm
Overhang (centre if column up to centre of spindle):180 mm
Thread in drilling spindle for accommodation of tools:R ¼”

Download this manual as PDF-Document.