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Plane grinding machine 558/01

Plane grinding machine for grinding glass tubes on both sides

Item number: 558/01

The ARNOLD plane grinding machine 558/01 is used for plane parallel grinding of glass- or quartz glass tubes. Both sides of the work piece, which is pneumatically clamped in prisms, are treated by using plane grinding discs. Rotation of plane grinding spindles, running against each other, is done by using generously dimensioned drive motors. Pneumatic advance feed of grinding spindles is sensitively adjustable.
An oscillating swinging motion is done by the work piece acceptance table. The angle of the swinging motion can be exactly adjusted to each individual product diameter, granting an optimum use of grinding areas and thus also an even wear of tools.

It is possible to work on tube diameters Ø 40-250 mm (bigger diameters upon request), with different wall thicknesses and lengths of 30 – 1000 mm.

Technical Data:

Machine Bed
Precise and low vibration welded steel contstruction
Horizontal guiding of grinding feed by means of high precision ball bearing guide rails.

Protection Hood
Stainless steel protection hood with inspection window
Fully encased wet area
The generous access to operating room, is granting a comfortable loading and unloading of work pieces.

Work Piece Table / Work Piece Acceptance
Lifting movement of work piece table is driven by asynchronous motor with planetary gear.
Swinging angle is steplessly variable
Work piece is aligned and clamped by means of a pneumatically operated clamping device

Coolant Supply
Coolant supply of both grinding spindles is done via inlet, which is inspected by flow controller
Supply of cooling lubricants is done via magnetic valve

Grinding Spindles
Grinding spindles for the plane grinding discs
which are located opposite each other are
precision grinding spindles and designed for
operation with sealing air.
Acceptance flange for plane grinding disc and
holder with integrated connection of coolant.

Independant measuring of feed of left and right grinding spindle
Repeatability ± 0,03 mm

Control integrated in control cabinet
Siemens OP to enter and observe process parameters, integrated in operating panel
Digital displays

Technical Details


Workpiece diameter40 - 250 mm
Workpiece length30 - 1000 mm
Workpiece thickness2 - 7 mm
Dia. of grinding wheelmax 300 mm
Grinding speedapprox. 25 - 45 m/sec
Drive power2,2 kW