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Grinding machine 510 - 524

Grinding machine compact construction

Item number: 510 - 524


Heavy-duty compact construction, closed housing, with built-in electric motor, grinding spindle runs on ball bearings with Morse taper 3.


Construction of machine:

The change in the revolutions per minute (rmp) is accomplished by shifting a V-belt; in the infinitely variable execution via a potentiometer.


The Morse taper MK 3 serves as the admission for a variety of tools such as:

Insert spindles in different executions (see catalogue)

Three-jaw ring chuck (Kat. No. 529 – 531)

Cast disc (Kat. No. 592)


Due to the high speed range, the machines of the category 524 can also be used as engraving machines (Kugler machine). They can be equipped with the corresponding spindles (Kat. No. 524/10 – 524/15), enabling the admission of the engraving tools (Kugler tools).


Standard accessory:

2 piece foot reversing switch

1 piece Ejector


For further details please refer to the table.


Technical Details



Gear motor:Three-phase current motor | Three-phase current motor pole changing motor
Electric supply:230/400 volts 50Hz
Revolutions:400, 620, 940, 1400, 2200 r.p.m. | steplessly
Connected power:0,37 KW | 0,3/0,55 KW
Dimension:600 mm x 320 mm x 460 mm
Weight:80 kg

Download this manual as PDF-Document.


Spindle adaptor

Spindle adaptor with short angular thread - Morse taper 3


Spindle adaptor

Spindle adaptor with long angular thread - Morse taper 3


Spindle adaptor

Spindle adaptor with clamping flanges - Morse taper 3

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