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Bench burner Zenit Black & White Series

Item number: VB1-02333 Black / VB1-02335 White

Noiseless bench burner, for propane gas and oxygen with special flame stabilization system. By default, now with new cover plate and graphite layer. The optimum burners for processing borosilicate glass. Without air connection.



• low noise working method with a large field of application

• stable, homogeneous flame formation, from pinpoint flame to bushy

flame, steplessly variable via a single twisting grip

• burning media are controlled via ball valves, nearly service-free

and resistant to wear

• optimum energy field through intensive ignition of gases

• long durability by using high-quality materials and constructional

parts - solid burner head made of non-scaling stainless steel

• connection glands with thread



Download this manual as PDF-Document.