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Bench burner 2069 PL

Item number: 2069 PL

Bench burner for artificial eyes - PL: propane and air

Premix burner for propane and compressed air
Burner with pilot flame,
needle regulation valve for air,
ratio of gas and air can be adjusted very quickly
by means of regulation screws,
additional valve for blowing air into the burner nozzle in new execution

Nozzle bore of 1,5 mm diameter,
Regulation joint with thread rod M 6 for fixation at a top of a table
Gland-dia. for air: 6 mm
Gland-dia. for gas: 4 mm
Hose nozzle is approx. 130° offset

The picture shows the burner with oven for
cooling down the artificial eyes.

Cat.-Nr.: VBB-00011

The oven is equipped with a burner for use of
Propane and a bimetal-safety-pilot.
The base plate is made of aluminium.