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Bench burner 114/3 WS a-c


Surface mix


For hydrogen and oxygen.

Noiseless bench burner for hydrogen and oxygen

The burner is mounted on a solid cast iron foot with ball joint. The optimal burner for processing quartz glass.



  • noiseless working method
  • large field of application
  • stable, homogeneous flame aspect from sharp, concentrated pin-point flame to intensive flame, continuously adjustable by single twist grip
  • burner control via ball valves, maintenance free and resistant to wear
  • high efficiancy through intensive combustion of the gases
  • long lasting by using high-quality materials and components
  • burner head solid made from nonscaling stainless steel
  • connection glass with thread
  • Gas shut-off valve at the burner body



  • Stop valve for gas at burner body
  • Air regulation possible by means of needle valve
  • improved pin-point flame


Further details to be found in the added chart.

Item number: VB1-00246

Bench burner Zenit

Item number: VB1-00249

Bench burner Zenit

Item number: VB1-00252

Bench burner Zenit

Technical Details


114/3 WS a

Max. flame dia.approx. 40 mm
Head dia.40 mm

114/3 WS b

Max. flame dia.approx. 50 mm
Head dia.50 mm

114/3 WS c

Max. flame dia.approx. 70 mm
Head dia.65 mm