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Hand burners 145/6 ESL

Item number: VB1-00201


(Ampoule sealing burner)


Surface mix, two flames for natural gas, oxygen and air for alternatively connection to natural gas and air, natural gas and oxygen or natural gas, oxygen and air.


The burners are equipped with a special flame stabilizing system so that they can be also operated with a large amount of air for cooling the flames.



- high flame stability

- very sharp adjustable sealing flame via needle adjusting valve


Technical data:

Gas bore: 3 mm

Gland diameter gas for hose of size: 9 mm

Gland diameter oxygen for hose of size: 6 mm

Gland diameter air for hose of size: 9 mm

Gas pre-pressure: 22 mbar

Oxygen pre-pressure: 1 - 1,5 bar

Air pre-pressure: 1 - 1,5 bar

Max. gas flow: 0,4 m³/h

Max. oxygen flow: 0,5 m³/h

Max. air flow: 0,4 m³/h

Capacity: 4,0 kW