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Hand burners 114/21 PS

Item number: VB1-00001

„Zenit“ High-capacity hand torch

for gas and oxygen. Working method based on
the underlying principle of our silent bench
burners „Zenit“. However, burner head and
control part are separated. Gas supply from
control part to hand torch via flexible DW-proved
hoses. Control part with mounting angle for
fixation at burner support.

Ideal burners for reworking borosilicate glass.

· silent principles of working
· large field of application
· stable, homogeneous flame formation, from
  needle flame to bushy flame, infinitely
  variable by means of a single twisting grip at
  the control part
· burning control via ball valves - nearly
  maintenance-free, with low rate of wear
· high efficiency because of intensive gas
· long durability because of using high-quality
  materials and components
· solid burner head - made of scale-resisting
  stainless steel
· problem-free, easy handling, especially
  when processing large, complicated

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