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Machine burner 141/50 PSL

Item number: 141/50 PSL

Radial burner, surface mix; as two-part counterfire burner for gas, oxygen and air;
for propane with additional connection to air in order to avoid the white light cone.

PSL - propane gas, oxygen, air

The basis of the burner is a thick-walled stainless steel
tube with welded screw neck for the acceptance of
interchangeable burner heads via Hermeto-screw, burner
housing made of stainless steel, burner plate and jets
made of highly-heat and scale resistant special steel.
Gas- and oxygen feeding via connection battery.
In order to protect the burner against reradiation heat they
could be equipped with an additional heat screen made of
heat-resistant special material.

· high heating capacity
· homogeneous flame formation
· low noise working method
· each burner could be controlled and switched
  off individually
· each burner half with separate connection and control
  part and metal-hose connection, can be operated from
  the front side.
· burner adapted for being mounted on a radial burner
  support for easy adjustment of burner distance to

Technical details: see chart