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Machine burner 141/25 ES

Item number: 141/25 ES

Radial burner, surface mix

ES - natural gas, oxygen

for gas and oxygen, execution for propane with
additional connection to air in order to avoid the white
light core. Burner specially designed for continuous
processing of large tube diameters, radius and number
of burner heads adapted to respective tube dimension.

The basis of the burner is a thick-walled stainless steel
tube with welded screw neck for the acceptance of
interchangeable burner heads via Hermeto-screw,
burner housing made of stainless steel, burner plate
and jets made of highly-heat and scale resistant special

Gas- and oxygen feeding via needle regulating valves
with hose glands - if requested also available with

Burner equipped with 14 burner heads and more are in
two part standard execution.
Burners completely supplied with fixation plate.

· high heating capacity
· homogeneous flame formation
· low noise working method

Sizes: a - l
Number of burner heads: 4 - 30

For further details please check the chart!