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Machine burner 141/019 ES

Item number: 141/019 ES

Radial burner with multiple hole jets, surface mix

ES - natural gas, oxygen

The high-capacity burner for gas and oxygen excels
by a concentrated flame with high heating capacity.
Due to the multiple hole burner jets the burner has a
higher heating capacity than our burners acc. to cat.-
no. 141/016. It is recommendable, where relative
small glass zones must be intensively heated. The
burner is especially suitable for the processing of
quartz glass when operating with hydrogen and
oxygen. For an easy adjustment of the burner heads
an adjusting key is included in delivery range.

Burner heads and burner jets made of high heat-resistant
stainless steel.
The jet heads are tiltable by means of two links. So the
burner can be individually adjusted to different tube
diameteres . The supply lines to the burner heads as
well as the burner stand (distributor chamber) are
made of brass. Lower side of stand is furnished with
inner threads for fitting purposes (i.e. on the burner
support). Burner in standard execution with needle
valves in the connection lines for gas and oxygen.

· noiseless working method
· very concentrated, sharp flame formation for an
  intensive heating of very small glass zones.
· burner heads radially adjustable for fitting to
  different tube diameters
· high heating capacity, when operating with
  hydrogen and oxygen also suitable for processing
  quartz glass