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Machine burner 141/30 ES a-f (WK)

Premix system for natural gas and oxygen

Burner with extremely high heating capacity and concentrated flame formation for heating of small glass zones.
This burner type is especially suitable for precessing quartz glass. The burners from size c (with 10 jets) are additionally equipped with water-cooling.

Burner body made of welded steel, jets made of
stainless steel - for natural and propane gas groove
jets, for hydrogen single hole jets. Mixing- and
connecting piece with needle valves and screwed hose
Complete with base plate.

· concentrated, intensive heating capacity
· large range of application due to variable
  number of jets
· when operating with hydrogen/oxygen or propane
  gas/oxygen also well-suited for processing quartz
· burner body water-cooled from size c on.

Item number: VB1-00975

Radial burner for natural gas, 6 jets

Item number: VB1-00976

Radial burner for natural gas, 8 jets

Item number: VB1-00612

Radial burner for natural gas, 10 jets

Item number: VB1-00977

Radial burner for natural gas, 12 jets

Item number: VB1-00978

Radial burner for natural gas, 14 jets

Item number: VB1-00979

Radial burner for natural gas, 16 jets

Technical Details


141/30 ES a

141/30 ES b

141/30 ES c WK

141/30 ES d WK

141/30 ES e WK

141/30 ES f WK