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Machine burners 148 ES

Item number: 148 ES

Machine burner, surface mix / Box-type burner

High capacity box-burner for natural gas and oxygen
resp. propane gas and oxygen.

In the flame lengths: 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 mm (check chart!)

Burner housing and burner jets made of stainless
steel, inert gas welded and finally corroded, feeding
tubes for gas- and oxygen made of stainless steel.
Upon request also available with additional needle

· extremely high heating capacity
· low-noise working method
· homogeneous, pure flame
· completely made of stainless steel
· also suitable for processing quartz glass
· high efficiency by intensive combustion of gases

SS 141/012

Needle valve made of stainless steel with tube fitting
for outer tube diameter 12 mm.

For further details please check the chart!