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Machine burners 140/29 ESL m

Item number: VB1-00349

Premix for natural gas, oxygen and air.

Drilled in four rows, for gas and oxygen or gas, oxygen and air. Burner with acceptance thread M20x1 inside, for replaceable acceptance on mixing chamber with media connections of cat. no. 140/29/2 or 140/29/3.

- very homogenous flame aspect and high heating capacity
- steady, zone free temperature distribution over complete flame width
- noiseless working method- burner base solid stainless steel body, that guarantees a long life.

Because of these advantages the burners are especially suitable for applications on glass forming machines.

Technical data:
Flame width: 85 mm
Jet bore: 0,8 mm
Head dimensions:
Length: 96 mm
Width: 40 mm
Height: 20 mm
Gas pre-pressure: 22 - 500 mbar
Oxygen pre-pressure: 2 - 3 bar
Air pre-pressure: 0,5 - 1 bar
max. gas flow: 3,2 m³/h
max. oxygen flow: 2,4 m³/h
max. air flow: 0,7 m³/h
Capacity: 30,8 kW