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Machine burners 141/220.010

Item number: VB1-00403

Counterfire unit for burner heads
made of quartz glass, surface mix

Prepared for the operation with hydrogen and
oxygen burner heads with 3 sheet dies, acc. to our
cat.-no. 141/245

· double-walled burner head and jets made of
quartz glass
· base made of aluminium.
· connection glands made of stainless steel (1 x
hydrogen, 2 x oxygen)
· burner completely supplied with stainless steel
perforated plate protection

As counterfire unit (in pairs) the burner can be
used fpr processing quartz glass tubes up to a
diameter of 200 mm

Concerning the burner acceptances, please let us
know your requirements.
For the acceptance and the radial adjustment of
the conterfire unit we recommend our attachment
cat.-no. 141/23, resp. 141/23.10

· low noise working method
· concentrated, homogeneous flame formation
· no metallic abrasion
· protection against mechanical damages

Technical Details


Head dia.40 mm
Number of jets per burner head3 sheet dies
Gland dia. for gas11 mm
Gland dia. for O28/8 mm
Pre-pressure gas2 - 4 bar
Pre-pressure 022,5 - 5 bar
Max. gas flow rate30 m3/h
Max. O2 flow rate30 m3/h
Capacityapprox. 200 kW