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Burner Head 141/26/20 - 45

Item number: 141/26/20 - 45

ES – natural gas, oxygen
PS – propane gas, oxygen

In single and special production

Seperate gas execution for gas and oxygen.
Burner head from heat resistant stainless steel, with
9 / 21 / 22 / 37 / 45 nozzles, square bonded under inertgas
Connection tubes for gas and oxygen: Ø 8 mm
Total length of the burner head incl. burner
connection tubes: 108 mm
Head diameter: 20 mm - 45 mm
Middle distance of connections: 25 mm

The burner head is provided for using with our burner
holders with the Cat.-No.: SSQ 141/18/xx.

It serves as replacement for the burner
heads from quartz glass which are put in standardly.
Cat. - no.: 141/18/60.

For further details see chart.