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Mobile burner gas regulation

Item number: VD2-00708

4 different burner flame types (optional more) can be controlled at the touch of a button via the touch panel. One can generate an unlimited number of different flame types.
The individual nominal values for the different burner flame types can be submitted via a password protected and integrated user administration.

There are 2 different user levels

1. Administrators (Machine fitter) have full access to the flame regulation therefore can change the flame parameters

2. User group (operator) has no access to the flame regulation.

Due to the automatic procedure, a specific flame type formula can be defined for each product. Within this procedure one can jump to the next or previous flame formula by means of the “Proceed” and “Back” button (optional as foot pedal). Here for up to 20 (optionally more) different flame types can be switched in series. An unlimited number of formulas can be defined.

All flame formulas, button assignments and procedures can easily be saved on an external medium. This way the data can be saved or transferred to other controllers. The visualisation is multilingual.

Currently chosen flame
Current nominal value for oxygen
Current nominal value for gas

A display for the gas and oxygen consumption (tendency) can be shown separately.
A pilot-flame function and a flame switch-off function are both integrated.

Touch panel with SPS and I/O (Colour display)
1 piece MFC for gas
1 piece MFC for oxygen
(the MFCs are adapted t the individual burner)

Mechanical setup:
The switchbox is equipped with adjustable swivel and rigid castors.
On the input side quick release plugs are mounted to the box.
Ball valves for gas and oxygen and the necessary safety equipment against the reverse flow of gas and flashback are integrated.
On the output side quick release couplings are mounted.

Supply voltage:
230V / 50 Hz
As an option the control can be fitted with a foot-pedal. This enables working without setting workpiece aside.
USB and network-connection are also possible.



  • Through the direct selection of predefined gas / oxygen recipes, a quick change of defined burner flame types is possible
  • Any burner flame types can be preset, saved and retrieved via a (foot) pushbutton
  • Flexible graphical user interface with a touch screen
  • Automatic procedures can easily be freely entered
  • User administration for the different operator levels.
  • The controller is based in a mobile switchbox, where all technical safety components according to DIN EN 746-2 are accommodated.
  • The touch panel is mounted swivelling to the upper side of the box and can be adapted individually to the workspace of the operator.