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Economizer 152/10

Item number: VB1-00425



Energy economizers, all gas execution

in electrical execution with 2 connections for gas and oxygen.

Media supply by means of hose glands, outgoing quick-acting

self-sealing couplings. control of electro magnetic valves via

foot- or hand operated switch, installed at the economizer via

self-sealing couplings. Opening sequence of magnetic valves

for premix or surface mix burners is reversible by means of

selection switch.



Solid steel housing in transportable execution with handles for

carrying and rubber feet as well as fix magnetic valves.


Electric supply:

Single-phase-A.C. 230 V, 50 cycles

other voltage upon request.

Delivery will be effected ready for operation, installed with 1,5

m connecting cable.


Technical data:

Gas bore: 9 mm

Oxygen bore: 5 mm

Magnetic valve provided for:

Max. pre-pressure for gas: 6 bar

Max. pre-pressure for oxygen: 6 bar

Electral supply:Single phase A. C., 230 volts, 50 cycles

(other voltages upon request)


This device is installed ready for work with 1,5 m connecting cable.