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Certified valves with and without brazed hexagon nipple

Gas and oxygen, 2,5 mm up to 8 mm

Item number: VB1-00962 - VB1-00973

Certified safety

In the course of continuous improvements and necessary regimentations within the field of glass engineering, Arnold has made a further step towards the future.

We have developed an improved version of our needle valves which have been proven over decades. These have undergone via the TÜV-Product Service, an EC type-examination. Therefore Arnold is the only manufacturer that can provide in accordance with EU guidelines certified valves for the installation in burners and gas supply systems in the glass industry.

This new development will be used in all Arnold burners and will increase the safety of the user and the acceptance through inspecting authorities.


Control valve

Conical nipple 60°

chemically nickel-faced




Control valve with brazed hexagon nipple

Conical nipple 60°

Upper part chemically nickel-faced


Housing, MS-blank and seal in component parts