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71/13 PN Outside cracking-off unit

Item number: VG2-00021

- pneumatically operated -


For outside cracking-off of AR-glass acc. to the thermal

shock principle with the multiple proved Arnold cracking-off

machine no. 71/8.


On a pneumatically controlled swivelling device a burner is mounted with the flame cone aligning towards a water cooled steel roller.

By means of pressing the pneumatic foot pedal a very fine needle

flame is moved to the seperation point of the rotating



After the adjustable heating time has been finished (depending on tube diameter and wall thickness approx. 2 - 3 seconds) the device swivels automatically and the cooling roller will be moved to the outer surface on the heated tube.

Herewith the tube will be cracked-off with a perfect, smooth cut.


Standard accessories:

1 piece burner no. 126/20 with jets dia. 0,18 and 0,30 mm

1 piece cooling roller

1 piece pneumatic foot valve

1 piece maintenance unit