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72/336 Roller Rest for 72/330 NIRO

Roller Rest is used as auxiliary device for 72/330 NIRO

Item number: VT1-00005


The roller rest is used as auxiliary device for the

rotating cutting of tubes and rods with a diameter range

of 20 - 260 mm.


The basic construction of the roller rest consists of an

aluminium extruded section where there are 10 pcs. of

roller blocks movable screwed-on, by means of which they

can be adjusted to the tube length and cutting length.

The resting rollers consist of tighten ball bearings,

coated with soft plastics.


In order to guarantee an exact guide of the roller rest,

also in case of longer workpieces, an additional supporting shaft

is mounted to the machine base of the cutting machine,

parallel to the table guide.

The roller rest is equipped with a longitudinal stop and

coolant feedback plates.


Please note:


Cutting machines n. 72/330 can only be retrofitted with

the above mentioned roller rest, if the base frame has already

been prepared accordingly during the production of the machine.

If requested, new machines can be prepared accordingly for a later retrofitting, at an additional charge. (Standard from construction year 2000)

Technical Details

rods and tubes with a diameter range:20 - 260 mm
total length of the rest:1500 mm
total length of rest,at the right side till centre:400 mm
total length of rest,at the left side till centre:1100 mm