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Glassworking lathes P1016 E - G

Precision glass working lathes

Item number: P1016 E - G

For performing highly precise joining and melting works in the glass instrument, quartz lamp and electronics industry.



Solid, torsion free machine bed with mounted precision linear


Closed stainless steel cover over the bed guide for protection

against dirt and heat influences.

Aluminium working heads with integrated control panel.

Working heads can be locked electrically in order to guarantee an

easy, simple operation at the use scroll chucks.

As an option each spindle head can be equipped with an own step

motor, which drives the spindle via a toothed belt. As a result the

mechanical synchronization of both working heads is not


The movable machine mountings – working head and burner

support – run on a pre-clamped guide carriage, so that a precise

and smooth running is guaranteed during the manual and the

motorized transport.

motorized drive of working head and burner support via a step '

motor and ball screw.


These machines are usually offered with Scroll chucks. If required the machines can be equipped with other clamping devices. Furthermore we can equip the machines with automatic feeders, burner gas suppliers, air blowing devices, burner devices, reshaping devices as well as a fully automatic control via an industrial PC (Arnold Easy Panel System AEPS).




Steplessly variable D.C. motor for connection to 230 volts A.C., 50 cycles, special voltages can be considered.





Glassworking lathe P1016 E

Item number: VD1-00005

Working length between spindle flanges: 500 mm


Glass working lathe P1016 F

Item number: VD1-00108

Working length between spindle flanges: 750 mm


Glass working lathe P1016 G

Item number: VD1-00190

Working length between spindle flanges: 1000 mm



Download this manual as PDF-Document.