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Glassworking lathes 1060F - 1080H

Universal glassworking lathes

Item number: 1060 F - 1080 H

The guide consisting of two hardened and ground bars, is mounted as a compound system on the cast machine base. A closed stainless steel cover protects the wear-free guide against heat radiation, cullet, dust and dirt.


The headstock is fixed and the tailstock can be moved on linear ball bushings via toothed rack very sensitively by means of a handwheel. The same refers to the burner support.


The spindle of the tailstock can be declutched, that means separated from drive by means of an electro clutch.


The direction of rotation of the spindles can be changed by means of a switch. The guide for the tailstock and the burner support can fixed mechanically.


For easy opening and closing of the chucks the lathe is equipped with an electromagnetic brake. Upon switched-on brake the spindles block when stopping the machine. Upon start the brake releases automatically.



Further Options:

The machines are standardly offered with three-jaw ring chucks. On demand, also other clamping devices can come be offered, e.g. quick acting chucks or three-jaw scroll chucks, as well as vacuum clamping devices.

Furthermore, machines can be equipped with an automatic advance, burner gas supply, blast air device, burner equipment, forming tools up to fully automatic control via industrial- PC (Arnold Easy Panel System AEPS).

Please contact us for more details.


Standard accessories:

1 piece Burner support

1 piece Blowing swivel with holder

1 piece Electromagnetic brake

1 piece Electromagnetic clutch for tailstock spindle

Clamping units for burner support and tailstock

1 set of tools




* Special centre height 360 mm as option (see cat.-no. 1060/10)

Special machine lengths can be manufactured upon request




Download this manual as PDF-Document.


1060/5 Electro magnetic clutch

An additional electro magnetic clutch for spindle drive of headstock


1060/4 headstock moveable

Left standardly fix working head in moveable execution completely equipped with gear and hand wheel.


1060/3 Spindle clamping

The spindle clamping is necessary if e.g. fixed forming tools shall be accepted in the clamping chuck of tailstock.


1060/800 F - H Base Frame

The machine base frame consists of stable aluminium profile struts with massive aluminium table top. The machine bed is mounted and aligned on the aluminium table top. On the right side the frame has a tool cabinet with 3 drawers. Furthermore it is equipped with adjusting screws for alignment.


1060/7 Foot switch

Foot switch for spindle drive ON/ OFF. For connection with the standardly fitted plug at machine for the foot switch.