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Glassworking lathe 1100 G - 1100 J

Item number: 1100 G - 1100 J

The headstock is fixed and the tailstock can be moved on linear ball bushings via toothed rack very sensitively by means of a handwheel. The same refers to the burner support. The spindle of the tailstock can be declutched, that means separated from drive by means of an electro clutch.

The direction of rotation of the spindles can be changed by meansof a switch. The guide for the tailstock and the burner support can fixed mechanically. For easy opening and closing of the chucks the lathe is equipped with an electromagnetic brake. Upon switched-on brake the spindles block when stopping the machine. Upon start the brake releases automatically.

Technical Details


Spindle bore60 mm
Centre height above burner support155 mm
Working length between spindle flanges850 mm
Working length between tips of jaws700 mm

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