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Glassworking lathe 1025/1040 Assistent

Universal glassworking lathes

Item number: 1025 "Assistent"

Universal- Glassworking lathe in special, handy precision execution for delicate joining operations.

The guide rails, consisting of hardened and ground precision flat guides, are assembled in a compound system on the solid and torsion resistant machine bed. A closed stainless steel cover protects the low-wear bed guide against thermal influence, broken glass and dirt.

Left working head is fixed, while right working head and burner support are smoothly adjustable via pinion gear (toothed rack / toothed wheel) and guide wagons by means of hand wheel. Both, right working head and burner support, can be locked at any position by means of cam lever. Right working spindle can be switched on and off, that means separated from drive, by using an electromagnetic clutch. Rotating direction of working spindles is reversible for advance- and reverse running.

Besides the plane flanges for assembly of scroll chucks, working spindles are additionally furnished with inner cones to accept quick-acting chucks as well. For an easy opening and closing they are equipped with an electromagnetic brake. If brake is activated, spindles are blocked when turning the machine off. When re-starting the rotation, brake will automatically release.

Both working heads are furnished with acceptances for blowing swivels at the outside. Power transmission to working spindles is done by maintenance-free, low-noise toothed belt and spline shaft.

Machine will be supplied ready for operation and connection!

Standard accessories:
1 pce. burner support (lathe carriage)
1 pce. blowing equipment
1 set   tools
1 pce. foot switch for ON/OFF
1 pce. electromagnetic brake

Steplessly adjustable, brushless D.C. motor for connection to 230 Volt, 1 Ph, 50 Hz.

As standard machines are offered with scroll chucks, however other clamping equipments are available upon request.


Technical Details


  • Hardened and ground and therefore wear resistant dual bar bed guide, mounted in compound system on a solid, ground and torsion free bed made of nodular graphite iron.
  • The working spindles possess next to the plan acceptance for scroll chucks an additional inner cone for the acceptance of quick clamping chucks and an electro-magnetic brake for an easier blocking of the working spindles. The turn direction of the working spindle is reversible.
  • The machine bed is protected against dirt, glass dust and heat by means of a closed stainless steel cover.
  • Right working head and burner support are guided on ball screws guaranteeing a smooth transport of these movable machine elements via hand wheel. Spindle stock is fix mounted.
  • Right working head and burner support can be blocked in each position by means of a cam lever.
  • The working spindle of the right working head is to be switched on and off (separated from drive) via magnetic clutch.
  • Because of the included adjusting screws in the machine base, an easy and exact adjusting of the machine is possible at any time.
  • Both working heads have on the outer side an acceptance for blowing swivels.
Spindle bore1025: 25 mm / 1040: 40 mm
Centre height above burner support125 mm
Working length between spindle flanges560 / 750 / 1000 mm
Working length between tips of jaws with scroll chucks no. 4025/10 450 / 640 / 890 mm
Working height from floor till centre1000 mm
Working length between tips of jaws with quick - acting chucks no. 4016/45 350 / 540 / 790 mm

Download this manual as PDF-Document.