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Glassworking lathe P1016/02.20

Precision glass working lathe

Item number: P1016/02.20


The modular construction allows an optimal adaption to the individual production processes. Through the combination of different modules a customer specific machine concept can be constructed, with the desired grade of automation for every desired use.


Basic machine:

All main machine axes are driven via AC-servo motors. The signal feedback occurs via a resolver. The linear axes are equipped with precision flat guidances.


Clamping chucks:

Pneumatically operated with high concentric running exactness, for simple and fast loading and unloading of the machine. The clamping pressure can be adjusted individually and is permanent.


Tool Revolver:

For up to 6 individually configured forming tools, that can be controlled particularly in the production process.


Forming roll:

Can alternatively be used with the tool revolver. Made of graphite or a customer specific material, driven or free running. Hereby the contours match the components which have to be produced.



Arnold Easy Panel System. Especially developed operation area for our automated machines and plants, based on an industrial PC.


Tool rest:

According to the existing material logistic, the plant can be equipped with adapted tool carriers or pallets.


Pressure control:

MFC-controlled for sensitive forming and reaming processes. Control range adjustable, adapted for different media.



For full automation of the plant. The machine can be loaded from max. 2 pattern magazines.


In combination with an image processing system a 100% quality control before palletizing is possible. N.o.k. parts can be transferred outward.



Individually designed pattern magazines for the automatic distribution of tools.


Burner and burner swivel drive:

Burner is tuned individually to the chosen kind of gas and the production process. The burner swivel drive finds its application for the design of an individual forming process and the strategically forming of sharp edges on the work piece contour.


Burner gas control:

Via MFCs which are tuned to the desired kind of gas and the used burner. Via the control behaviour of the MFCs, which is pressure independent, a very high degree of reproducibility and product quality is granted.



Used for visualisation of the work piece temperature or in logical combination with the automatic program for indexing of chosen working steps



Download this manual as PDF-Document.