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Forming Machine

Item number: NC56

Numerically driven machine for the production of standard and serial articles like e.g. standard ground joints, glass threads, glass flanges, bulbs, Erlenmeyer flasks, volumetric flasks, pointed flasks as well as for the production of geometrically complex parts to be produced. The machine can be operated as typical synchronized lathe and as single spindle forming machine.        

Heavy, deformation rigid machine bed in steel welded construction,
_ hardened, sand-blasted and machined.
High working precision by application of precise machine elements
_ and modern drive concepts with high traverse rates of each axis as
_ well as a solid construction of the complete machine, that
_ guarantees the reproducibility of all working processes.
All linear axes with precision guidings and pre-stressed guiding
_ carriages. Adjustment via ball screw and AC-Servo drive with
_ position measuring system.
Each head stock made of aluminium cast is equipped with an own
_ AC-servo motor that directly drives the working spindle by means
_ of a belt drive. The rotary direction of the spindle is reversible
The control of the machine is effected alternatively via PLC or via
_ IPC and the especially developed software AEPS for such kind of
_ machine. It allows an easy entry of the machine functions, without
_ any special knowledge of programming.
Amended by a multiple tool device with an exchange system the
_ machine concept allows a fast re-adjustment of the parts to be
_ produced and thus guarantees a high productivity of the machine.
Depending on the basic machine construction, the capacity of
_ the burner device can be controlled by means of corresponding
_ mass flow controllers. Herewith a variable burner adjustment also
_ in the automatic mode is always possible. As standard, the
_ burner positioning is carried out by means of NC-axis.
Adequate dimensioned energy chains in stainless steel/plastic
_ execution for the complete energy and media supply at the machine.

Technical Details
Spindle speed: up to 500 1/min
Advance burner support: 3 - 8000 mm/min
Advance working heads: 3 - 8000 mm/min
Advance tool support, axially: 3 - 8000 mm/min
Advance tool support, radial:  5-10000 mm/min
Tool exchange revolver: 90°/s
Radial adjustment of burner: 5-10000 mm/min

These are exemplary data; exact construction is matched to each individual application.        

Possible accessories
Machine control on basis of an industrial PC
Machine control on basis of a PLC with OP
Rotary feed for blowing air and vacuum
Internal stops
Temperature monitoring by means of pyrometer
Flame monitoring and pilot flame
Heat shields with protective device
Burner gas control by means of mass flow controllers
Blowing air control
Blowing air regulation
Clamping chuck, electro pneumatically
Complete forming unit for tail stock
Water-cooled cover plate
Spindle precision bearing
Heat shield for clamping chuck
Camera system for partial measured value