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Glass working lathe SY 3260 - SY 3600

Glass working lathe - special version

Item number: SY 3260 - SY 3600

The technical development in the semiconductor industry represents a great challenge for the quartz glass fabrics and quartz glass blowers, to manufacture even larger tube dimensions.


The direct pipe pulling is restricted due to technical limits. Therefore the inflating of available tube dimensions was the consequence. This is why the inflating- or glass working lathe was developed.


We were ahead of the times and were prepared for this trend. The technical construction of our glass working lathes, which allows a huge flexibility regarding work piece length and centre heights, benefited from this development.


As a basis machine for the calibrating process we can recommend you the machines with a spindle drilling of 260 – 600 mm, and a centre height of 800 or 1000 mm.


Under consideration of a calibrating rollers diameter of 150 mm, the following tube diameters can be calibrated when assembling:

Centre height 800 mm: up to 520 mm tube diameter

Centre height 1000 mm: up to 920 mm tube diameter


Technical Details




Spindle boring max.1100 mm
Workpiece length max.12000 mm
Centre height max.1200 mm

Download this manual as PDF-Document.



Foot switch with flexible steel coated connector cable for spindle ON/OFF



Foot switch with flexible steel connector cable for spindle ON/OFF and stepless control of speed



Laminar clutch for left fixed working head for spindle ON /OFF



Left working head standardly fixed, also moveable via gear and hand wheel.


Measurement System -

Wall thickness gauge includes measurement software

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