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Glass working lathes V 3080 – V 3200

For vertical operation

Item number: V3080 – V 3200


The solid and reliable glass working lathes for all applications in the glass- and quartz glass industry.


These machines excel by a sophisticated, modern and solid construction whilst being absolutely reliable during operation and highly precise. Hardened and ground and therefore wear resisting dual round bar guide bed in combination system mounted on the basement. The vertical disposed machine bed is mounted protected against fold on the machine foot for the purpose of additional stabilisation.


A closed stainless steel cover protects the bed guide against heat and dirt. Modern components guarantee a high axial exactness and a play free running, assuring the use of the machine for decades. The machine main drive grants an exact control of the spindle rotation even in the lower speed range. It excels by a high and constant speed. The working spindles have plan acceptances on both sides, so that clamping elements can be mounted at every time even on the outside.


The power transmission on the working spindles occurs via lightly adjustable precision double roller chains. The right working head and the burner support are guided on precise ball sliding bushes. Via balance weights on the machine backside a weight counterbalance of these movable elements occurs.


Standard accessory:

1 piece burner support

2 piece blowing swivel with holder

1 piece brake for blocking of working spindles

1 piece grease gun

1 set Tools


Technical Details


  • The stainless steel cover sheet which is mounted standard on the machines can be water cooled
  • Water cooled heat shields for the working heads
  • The under working heat which is standard fix mounted can be also executed moveable
  • For the working heads multi plate clutches can be provided for cutting from the main drive
Spindle bore82 - 202 mm
Working length between spindle flanges1200 - 6100 mm
Centre height above burner support300 - 600 mm
Steplessly variable speed range3 - 300 1/min

Download this manual as PDF-Document.