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Glass working lathes NC 1060

CNC-lathe swivelable

Item number: NC 1060


CNC-lathe, Ø 62


The precision machine for all-round and

demanding applications, such as for the

automatic production of glass electrodes, lamp

flasks made of quartz glass as well as for

transaction of glass metal sealing and for

general automation of many procedures in the

glass and quartz glass processing. The machine

bed can be swivelled round via stroke gear, for

simulating vertical production processes.

(0 – 90°)



The guide bed, which consists of four hardened and

ground round shafts, is mounted in the compound

system on the machine base.

Two closed stainless steel covers protect the wear

resistant bed guides against thermal influences,

glass breakage and dirt.

Left and right working head as well as burner

support are guided moveable on precision linear ball

bearings, drive via ball rolling spindle, toothed belt

and AC servo motor.

The main drive of the working spindles occurs via

AC servo motor, synchronous shaft and toothed belt.


Auxiliary bed:

On the second guide, which is placed behind the

main bed, two burner supports are guided on

precision linear ball bearings.

The supports serve for the acception of different

devices and tools, resp. the left working head can be

driven via one clutching element, too.

The motoric infeed drive occurs via ball rolling

spindle, toothed belt and AC-servomotor.


Machine control:

Automation components in the 19” switch cabinet

with machine basic software as well as additional

operation elements for all necessary machine

functions. IPC with Arnold-Easy-Panel-System is

placed in driveable operator’s desk.

At the machine control a hardware CPU with local

periphery is put to use. Digital in- and outputs as

well as motor controller connection occur via the

process data highway DP by Siemens.

The operation and visualisation occur via the

software ProTool V5.2 by Siemens. This allows a

menu guided observation and operation of all

elements of the machine.

On the PC the Arnold-Software “AEPS – Arnold

Easy Panel System” is installed. All machine

parameters can be adjusted via this. The PC is

placed in a driveable operators desk.

For the automatic program execution all functions of

the machine are stick in any order flexibly in a

program which is easy to write. A program which is

written like this can be safed and activated again

later. The edit occurs via an excel table on the PCsurface.


Burner gas control:

In brass execution with mass flow controller for

hydrogen, natural gas, oxygen and air. For every

kind of gas two paths exist. The control as well as

the combination with the general machine functions

occurs via a PLC resp. IPC at the machine.


Standard accessories:

1 set of service tools

1 piece socket, 16 A secured and switchable via the

_ machine control, in the foot range of the machine

1 piece blowing air supply with:

_ - Manometer up to 250 mbar

_ - top 3/2 way electro magnet valve

_ - Control in the program running or manually via

_ Soft-Key-push buttons

_ - Mounting in the foot range of the machine

1 piece valve island with 10 free available 5/2 way

_ valves which are addressable via the control

Technical Details


Spindle bore62 mm
Center height over burner support250 mm
Working length between the Spindle flanges1250 mm
Speed, steplesmax. 400 1/min

Download this manual as PDF-Document.