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Lamellae Collet Chuck 5024 – 5042

Item number: 5024 – 5042

The lamellae collet chuck presents perfect clamping geometry over the complete clamping area, maintaining a sustainable run-out accuracy better than 0.01 mm. In practice the therewith related tolerance zones lead to highest production quality.



Clamps workpieces up to 42 mm diameter (larger diameters

_ upon request)

Clamps light case workpieces without deforming them

Clamps rod material due to large opening

High revs through minor centrifugal force losses

Hard-wearing against dirt



Next to a reduced storage, your machines can be converted more quickly which means you are more flexible during your production. Easy exchange of the collet chucks through detaching the cover disc.




In addition to this lamellae collet chuck you will need:

the individual lamellae collet for your clamping capacity.

_ See article-no.: 5024/P1016.A-E - 5042/P1040.A-G

pneumatic operating equipment

_ See article-no.: 5024/P1016 - 5042/P1040