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Chucks 4062/70 L - 4062/70 R

Dual three-jaw ring chuck

Item number: 4062/70 L - 4062/70 R

With 2 x 3 clamping jaws, made from special steel.

Each set of jaws can be regulated separately by wrenches. This is the special clamping chuck for double.-walled glass vessels, for production of performs destinated for the fiber optic industry producing in rod–in–tube (sleeving) procedure. Chuck body bichromated.


Diameter of chuck body: 62 mm

Chuck bore: 230 mm

Displaced: 60 - 110 mm

External jaws (long jaws): 20 - 70 mm

Displaced: 38 - 70 mm

Clamping capacity – internal jaws (short jaws): 5-40




Chucks 4062/70 L

Item number: VF1-00246


Chucks 4062/70 R

Item number: VF1-00247


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