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Operators 4016/53 – 4180/53

Pneumatic operator Interface

Item number: 4016/53 – 4180/53

For quick chuck, with a pneumatic maintenance unit and one foot switch for opening and closing the chuck.


- for both quick-acting chucks -




Operator Interface 4016/53

For chuck 4016/45

Item number: VF1-00002


Operator Interface 4030/53

For chuck 4030/45

Item number: VF1-00274


Operator Interface 4040/53

For chuck 4040/45

Item number: VF1-00599


Operator Interface 4050/53

For chuck 4050/45

Item number: VF1-00376


Operator Interface 4060/53

For chuck 4060/45

Item number: VF1-00063


Operator Interface 4070/53

For chuck 4070/45

Item number: VF1-00571


Operator Interface 4090/53

For chuck 4090/45

Item number: VF1-00572


In the picture: a glassworking lathe 1060F with pneumatic operator interface on both sides.