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Chucks 4062/10 – 41000/10

Three-jaw Ring Chucks

Item number: 4062/10 – 41000/10

These chucks represent the perfect clamping chucks for the clamping of glass- and quartz tubes with many advantages.  To enlarge the clamping capacity of the standard chucks, cranked interchangeable false jaws can be supplied.



easy, sensitive handling via closed safety manual clamping ring

mechanical locking device (locking screw)

clamping jaws with clamping rail for acceptance of exchangeable

_ clamping inserts, inserts normally made from light alloy, for

_ processing of quartz glass they are made from special steel -

_ other materials upon customer's request

chucks in right- and left hand-execution thus with synchronously

_ driven glass working lathes opening- and closing direction of chucks

_ arranged at left or right side is the same

stroke arresting device for jaws in order to avoid falling out of

_ clamping jaws





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