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ZETEX gloves

Artikelnummer: 99/81

ZETEX fiber with post-treatment
ZETEX high-temperature insulation fabric materials are woven from highly textured, silicate-based yarn. After passing through the weaving looms, the finished textile fabric is then given a special coating on one side, or heat treated. This imparts excellent wear resistance and an insulating effect.

Benefits of treatment
Excellent wear resistance. Uniqueness term ability of processing (cutting, punching without significant raveling). Better resistance to liquid splashes or exposure to flame.

Important for safety
There are some other materials supplys, but they have a tendency to emit toxic gases at higher temperatures. In ZETEX Material as inorganic netic material is no Zyon-hydrogen, it results in no toxicity.

equipped with a 10 oz. cotton lining



99/81aZ length 280 mm

99/81bZ length355 mm

99/81cZ length 580 mm